Supporting and empowering child care providers to find fulfilling work that also financially values their expertise is more important now than ever before. Each individual has unique skills and experiences that deserve to be honored and shared with children.

With the creation of Sittercity Adventures, we didn’t have just a few types of child care providers in mind—we were thinking of everyone. Regardless of where you are in your child care work journey, Adventures can support you and your goals.

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If You’re: New To Child Care Work

Land Full-Time Child Care Jobs

If you’re looking to get into full-time child care work, families looking for that kind of support might be hesitant to hire someone without much experience. With Adventures, you can gain that experience plus have multiple families who can write you reviews and references. Creating and leading Adventures is also a great practice in learning how to market yourself.

Get Paid For What You Already Do

Because Adventures is all about how your passions align with the interests of the child, there are lots of opportunities to monetize things you already do.

Stay-At-Home Parents

Parents whose work is caring for their own children have most likely crafted so many fun and exciting afternoons with their little ones. If a SAHP is looking to make some money on the side or for an opportunity to get back into paid work, Adventures is a no-brainer.


If you have a special set of skills, like a particular sport, school subject, or art form, you can create Adventures based on that. A great benefit of Adventures for parents is the option to test a new interest their child has without fully committing to a package of lessons or an expensive camp.

If You: Have Some Experience, But Are Ready For More

Get More Work When You’re Available

You might currently have some consistent work that’s an anchor in your schedule, but that family doesn’t need or can’t afford any more hours from you. With Adventures, you can book them in the gaps your schedule has to increase how much money you’re bringing in.

Get Age-Specific Experience

If you’ve only had experience with a specific age group, Adventures is a great way to test out your skills with other ages. Not only will you learn if you truly like working with certain ages, but it will also give you the experience and reviews from families to book future jobs with that age.

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If You’re: An Experienced Child Care Provider

Meet New Families

It’s never a bad thing to make connections with new families. Success in the child care industry requires a certain amount of networking and Adventures can help you do that. Whether they call you in on an occasional date night, have a newborn they need your help with, or you’re able to refer them to a friend, making connections with families is an important practice.

Make Extra Cash

Whether money is tight one month, or you’re saving up for something big, Adventures is a great way for established child care professionals to make some extra cash. You can add a surcharge on top of your hourly rate that covers materials, prep time, and your experience.


When we increase the options for child care, everybody wins. Child care providers are better able to find fulfillment in the support they provide families and parents are able to find the exact type of support they need. All of that together results in kids being able to thrive—which is what everyone wants!

Create an Adventure today and start expanding the way you think about being a child care provider.

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