You know those days—the days we’re so stressed that we take our emotions out on the people around us. As a child care provider, it’s important to develop the skills to take a step back and ground yourself in the present moment.

Our guest on The Great Unicorn Search Podcast this week was Nubia Henderson. She’s the founder of Kids Jamm, a family yoga and wellness brand that partners with schools and other organizations to introduce mindfulness to kids and their families. Nubia believes yoga and mindfulness are fantastic tools to help you stay calm and give space to the kids under your care.

Here are some strategies Nubia uses in her business to connect with kids and, in her words, “leave a legacy of love.”

Blue banner with text saying "When your daily nanny makes every day magical" and showing a caregiver and a toddler sitting together, smiling and clapping.The Mind-Body Connection

Yoga is central to Nubia’s program, but its purpose isn’t just to get kids moving. “Yoga isn’t about the poses,” Nubia explains. “It’s about connecting the mind and body to help you live your purpose.” That’s why breath and meditation are so integral to practicing yoga. Utilizing that mind-body connection helps us show up for ourselves and others.

There are so many different kinds of yoga and meditation that can help you find this connection within yourself. It’s all about finding what practice works for you.

Nubia’s Authentic, Collaborative Approach

Both adults and kids learn mindfulness skills better when the instructor meets them where they are. Nubia never walks into the classroom with a strict lesson plan. She knows that’s not the best way to engage with kids.

Instead, Nubia walks in with an open mind. She stays focused on the energy of the room. And then she chats with the students in a circle to get their feedback on how they’re feeling and what they’re up for today. Even though her teaching style is fluid, Nubia makes sure to come in with a few objectives whenever she works with kids.

She leads them through breathwork, gives them time to talk and be heard, facilitates simple gratitude exercises, and provides time for Shavasana (rest). Nubia finds that when she takes a collaborative approach in the classroom, the kids are much more receptive and engaged.

Leaving a Legacy of Love

As Nubia’s business develops, she’s beginning to shift her focus towards parent coaching in order to leave a legacy of love that spreads from parents, to their children, and beyond. She teaches parents and caregivers how to practice self-love through yoga and mindfulness. Self-love is an important condition that allows you to parent to the best of your ability and gives space for your kids’ emotions.

This requires caregivers to confront their triggers and learn to be less reactive. Nubia argues that oftentimes, when parents say mean things to their kids, it’s often really something they’re saying to themselves.

Yellow banner with text saying "When you need someone who cares as much as you do" and showing a caregiver with a smiling baby.Give Yourself a Break!

So how can you gain a little control in your own life, stay centered in the present moment, and give the kids under your care the space to be kids?

Nubia says this looks different for everyone, but it always comes down to one thing: you need to give yourself a break. More often than not, when stress creeps up on us, our bodies and our minds shout at us to take a break. But we don’t listen.

“If we don’t have time for ourselves, we’re spending too much time on others. It’s time to set some boundaries,” Nubia says. Listening to yourself and giving yourself what you need is crucial if you want to live as the person you want to be.

So remember: Take a moment to pause, even if it’s only for one breath.

To learn more about Nubia’s path to yoga, the connection between yoga and self love, and Nubia’s business mindset, listen to the full episode of the Great Unicorn Search podcast. You can access it on our website, or on Apple, Spotify, or Google.

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