Whether you’re just getting started creating Adventures, or you’re looking for a way to get more interest in the Adventures you’ve already created, this guide is for you. Here are some tips to help you make your Adventure stand out.

1. Write For Your Audience

Put yourself in the shoes of the parents and their kids who will be looking at your Adventure. It’s important to write specifically for them:

Get Kids Excited

The families reading the ‘Promote yourself’ section of your Adventure should easily feel how passionate you are and how much fun they’ll have with you. When you use language to express how passionate you are, it attracts others to what you have to offer.

Text saying, Text saying,

Highlight the Value For Parents

When parents are spending money on child care, they want to know that they’re making the most of it. Make sure you communicate the value of your time spent with the kid(s).

Some questions to keep in mind to answer while you’re writing:

  • Why is this Adventure uniquely you?
  • What will parents love about this Adventure?
  • What will kids love about this Adventure?

2. Be Descriptive

Posting an Adventure isn’t the time to be mysterious. Both parents and kids want to know what they’re getting into and what to expect. Especially when kids are trying something new, the more that parents are able to prepare them, the better time they’ll have with you.

Paint a detailed picture (even if it’s not in the Arts & Crafts category) of what will happen during your Adventure. Some questions to make sure you answer:

  • What exactly will the kid(s) be doing? Is there something that they’ll be able to take away from the Adventure?
  • Why will kids find your Adventure fun/interesting/entertaining/exciting? How will you specifically guide the kid(s) to stay involved?
  • How will you tailor this experience to the age group(s) you selected? What would this age group find interesting about what you’ll do together?

3. Craft A Unique Title

A short and descriptive title is an important first impression. This is what will cause families to pause in scrolling and tap on your post to read the full description. A good title can:

  • Sum up the entire Adventure
  • Get parents and kids excited to read more
  • Stand out from other titles with unique words

The trick, however, is trying to do all of that in a limited amount of words. Here are two approaches to try:

Verb + Adjective(s) + Noun

  1. Start with an action word: make, draw, design, build, create, etc.
  2. Then add an adjective followed by the noun that the adjective describes.

For example:
“Make Monogrammed Soft Pretzels”
“Design Citrus-Stamped Towels”
“Start A Mini Greenhouse Garden”

Pro tip: By hyphenating two words that come before a noun, they modify and act as a single idea and become a compound adjective. Like “citrus-stamped” above (an adjective and a verb), this can be a great tool to include more descriptive words in your title.

Text saying, Text saying,

Verb + Noun + “With” + Noun

  1. Start with an action word: make, draw, design, build, create, etc.
  2. Add the main noun of the Adventure.
  3. Add “With” and the remaining nouns that go along with the main noun.

For example:
“Explore Volcanos With Kitchen Ingredients”
“Make Winter Art With Ice & Flowers”

Bonus: Combine the two approaches by adding an adjective to the “With” approach:
“Write Stories With Custom-Painted Stones” (Did you notice that this one is a compound adjective?)

Try these tips with your Adventures and if you’re still not having much luck, reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to give you some additional pointers. You can also join our Sittercity Community Group and get some advice from other child care providers who are creating their own Adventures. Happy Adventuring!

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