Interviews aren’t just for the parents looking to hire someone, they’re also for the child care provider to see if the position is a good fit for them. Make sure you feel prepared for your next interview by following some of our tips and preparing your own set of questions to ask after the parent has asked theirs. Here are some examples to help you get started.

Families are looking for you. Apply to jobs. CTAFamilies are looking for you. Apply to jobs. CTA

Getting To Know the Kids

  • What is each of your kids’ favorite activities/games?
  • How do you think your kids would describe the perfect day?
  • Are there any activities they really dislike doing?
  • What task/chore is the most difficult for the kids to complete?
  • Is there anything I can help the child work on while in my care?

Getting To Know the Parent

  • How do you handle discipline with your kids and how do you see my role in your family supporting that? Examples?
  • Besides the obvious answers of safety/well-being/health, what’s the most important thing you want for your kids?
  • If money wasn’t an issue either way, what would be your perfect amount of balance between time with your kids and time away for work/adult fun?

Getting To Know the Family

  • Have you had caregivers before? If so, how did those relationships end?
  • Are there specific family values or rules that I should be aware of?
  • Are schedules important to follow in the family, and if so, what are they?
The simplest way to find child care jobs near you. Search jobs. CTAThe simplest way to find child care jobs near you. Search jobs. CTA

Uncovering Unspoken Expectations

  • When it comes to what the children and I do together, are you more interested in me following your directions, or me bringing ideas?
  • Could you describe from beginning to end a typical day that I would spend with your child(ren)?
  • How could you see what you need from me potentially changing over time? How would you address those new expectations? Are you open to signing an agreement that specifically lays out my job responsibilities?

Don’t be afraid to come up with your own questions—especially ones that are specific to the job in question. The more you can be proactive in this part of the process, the more success you’re going to have in finding a family that’s the right fit for you.

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