Have you ever met a parent who automatically knows what they’re doing and can easily raise their child without any help?



In our society, in particular, parents have so many obligations like work, hobbies, and chores that make them frazzled and less prepared to prioritize their kids’ emotions at the end of a long day. It’s important for parents to learn emotion regulation and mindfulness skills to model for their children. But where does that support come from?

Amarachi Crystal joined Nicole and Aysha on The Great Unicorn Search podcast to discuss how she turned her expertise in child development and commitment to providing parent support into a brilliant business. She offers specific services for parents that help the whole family flourish.

Pink banner with text saying "When your logistics hero is the hero they look up to" and showing a nanny and child smiling and standing back-to-back.Use What You Know

When Amarachi began her career as a professional nanny, she already studied child development and psychology at a university. Her understanding of children’s behavior and emotions helped her reassure frantic parents who felt their kids weren’t developing normally and teach them important lessons about their child’s autonomy and individuality.

As she worked with more families, she realized her work wasn’t just about caring for children during her shift. It was about setting kids up for successful growth and healthy emotional development by communicating with their parents—they can’t sign off at the end of the day like their nanny does.

The parents Amarachi works with feel reassured that they’re doing a good job as parents. They learn about mindfulness and the importance of open, honest communication. Amarachi teaches them to prioritize their kids’ mental health and parent with compassion.

Embracing Parent Coaching

Parents can benefit from receiving support from their nanny, but what’s in it for you? (other than the gift of watching kids you love thrive and developing strong, lasting relationships with families, of course!)

For Amarachi, offering parent support services in her business was a turning point in her career. She stands out from the crowd with her holistic approach to child care and her passionate emphasis on mental health advocacy for kids and caregivers alike.

She offers a wide range of services, from traditional nannying to solely parent-coaching to a hybrid of the two. Sometimes that looks like sitting down with the parents to debrief them on the awesome things their kid is learning this week. Other times it may be an honest and emotional chat about the challenges of being a parent.

Green banner with text saying "When your email is blowing up and so is their diaper" and showing a caregiver holding a smiling baby.Mindset Matters

If you only take one thing away from this podcast, remember this: your career mindset matters. Amarachi was able to shift her perspective to expand her nannying services to include parent support because she stuck to her values and paid attention to the results. She discovered that parent coaching had a real impact, so she shifted her business mindset and strategy to include a new, unique service that scaled up her career.

Every nanny, no matter how experienced, can learn something new from Amarachi Crystal’s interview on the Great Unicorn Search podcast. To get every valuable tidbit out of the episode, you’ll have to go listen to it yourself. You can check it out on our website or on podcast platforms like Apple, Spotify, or Google.

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