If you’re interested in finding the job that’s the right fit for you, interviews are a fantastic way to get to know your options better. One of the ingredients of a successful interview is having some good questions to ask. With the right questions, you’ll be able to learn important information to help you make your decision.

Yellow banner with text saying "When your meeting time is during snack time" and showing a caregiver holding a bowl of fruit while a school-age girl enjoys some.Here’s what Jada Rashawn, experienced nanny and family consultant, thinks are the best questions to ask in an interview.

  1. How would you describe the difference between a nanny and a babysitter?
    It’s important for everybody to be on the same page about the job in question.
  2. How and why did things end with your last caregiver?
    This will give you some insight into how the family views their relationship with caregivers and what your relationship could look like with them.
  3. Are you open to signing an agreement?
    If a family is hesitant to signing anything, you might want to really find out why before you agree to work with them.
  4. How do you imagine a typical day that I would spend with your child(ren)?
    This answer can reveal some potential unspoken expectations the parents might have of your role in their family.

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