You may have read (or noticed yourself) that there’s been an increase in fraud across the internet. At Sittercity, we’re committed to your trust and safety. We have a dedicated team that works hard to limit the amount of scammers on our platform. That said, the strongest defense against scammers are members, like you, that know what to look for. 

Below is information you need to help protect yourself against online scammers.

Never accept money from someone you’ve never met

If someone wants you to send you a check before you start a job, that’s a MAJOR red flag. This is a go-to tactic for online scammers. It lures people into sharing sensitive personal information. Do not engage with a suspicious parent request like “we’ll pay you upfront.” 

Never send money to someone you’ve never met

The scam happens like this: A “parent” asks you to buy some job-related items. They send you a check. You deposit the check and purchase these items. You then send the items and any remaining money from the check to the “parent”. A few days go by and the bank notifies you that the check is fake and voids it. You’ve now lost money for a job that wasn’t real. 

Know what a scam looks like

Scam posts look “off.” The requests are unclear and confusing—misspellings and grammar errors appear more frequently than the average post. Sometimes phone numbers and email addresses are spelled out or oddly written—they’re actively trying to fly under the radar of our monitoring systems. If something looks too good to be true in a job listing (like an abnormally high hourly rate), it probably is. Trust your gut—take caution and move on.

Only communicate with parents through Sittercity

By keeping all communications on the the Sittercity platform, our software is [better] able to flags messages with language and signs associated with common scams. Our trust & safety team can only help with on-platform activity. 


Together, we will fight back against fraud in the Sittercity community. If you notice any of the above behavior, please notify Sittercity Customer Success immediately. They will act swiftly to prevent other members from being scammed. 

Want to know even more? Our Trust & Safety Center has additional important information regarding trust & safety on Sittercity, as well as the Federal Trade Commission’s publication on common nanny and caregiver scams.

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