The first step in leading Adventures is creating one (we can help you make it stand out). The second step is getting booked by parents. There are some similarities between booking babysitter or nanny jobs and Adventures. However, because you posted the Adventure, the parents will be looking at you to take the lead on how everything will work. Here are some tips to do this with confidence:

Update Your Babysitter Profile

Your babysitter profile information is connected to your Adventure. When a parent’s interest is piqued by your Adventure, they’re most likely going to do some initial vetting by looking at that profile. Be sure to:

  • Use a current and professional photo
  • Update your availability
  • Write your bio so it introduces you in a friendly way
  • Include all of your child care experience
  • Add certifications and training you’ve completed

Bonus: run a background check to earn a badge for your profile.

Text saying, Text saying,

Make A Communication Plan

Staying up-to-date with your messages so you can respond to a parent right away is a given. Do yourself a favor and think through what exactly you’ll say in response and when.


What information is important in getting to know each other? This could be:

  • Number of kids and their ages: once you know this info, you can talk about how your Adventure can be customized to them.
  • Your experience working with kids; in general and specific to the activities in your Adventure.
  • Why you created this Adventure—why are you passionate about it?


What information is important in making sure the Adventure goes smoothly? This could be:

  • Confirm the supplies they’ll provide
  • Any safety concerns you or they might have
  • Discussing the location in their house for your Adventure
  • Resources you might take for granted (table, water source, light, etc.)
  • Emergency contact information
  • How payment will work
  • Late/Cancellation policies for both you and the parent

The Big Day

How will you communicate with the parent when the Adventure happens? This could be:

  • 24/48 hour check-in prior to the day confirming the time and your excitement.
  • Updates during the Adventure if the parent wants them.
  • Preparing the kids and/or yourself to give a recap to the parents about how the Adventure went.
  • Follow-ups with the parent after the Adventure to check in on the child and reiterate your positive experience.
Text saying, Text saying,

Get Reviews

Even though parents typically love to read reviews on your profile when booking, they might not be proactive in writing you one after you complete an Adventure with their child. Asking parents to add a review to your babysitter profile helps with booking future Adventures—especially when the review is specifically about how you lead Adventures.

Ask Right Away

We recommend asking a parent to review you as soon as possible while your interaction with them is still fresh in their minds. This will ensure the best details are included in the review!

Say Thank You

When asking for a favor, expressing gratitude for whatever experience you had with their family means a lot. You could even include a favorite memory or invaluable experience you gained while interacting with them.

You’ve got this—go have an Adventure and make some memories with a new family!

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