Being a nanny has hundreds of benefits, like connecting with kids, playing games, and doing art projects. But what about the benefits we talk about in a traditional work environment?

There’s no HR department in the family home where you work. So how do you make sure you’re planning for retirement, accessing health insurance, and taking advantage of your tax benefits?

At Sittercity, our priority is to support caregivers. Kristen Anderson joined Jada on Instagram Live to discuss her service Catch, which helps non-traditional workers access the best benefits plan for their needs.

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Why Kristen Founded Catch

Kristen grew up with a father who was part of a union, and with that came many benefits. Her childhood taught her that workers have rights and deserve support. But she noticed the world changing as she grew up. As more and more people in the workforce branched away from traditional employment, she realized that people no longer had the resources to access the benefits they deserved.

Kristen solved this problem by founding Catch. Instead of getting overwhelmed or paying for the first plan available, nannies and babysitters can use Catch’s resources to research the best possible plan for their circumstances.

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A One-Stop Shop

When you visit Catch’s website, you can access the Explore page to help you discover the best available plans. Catch provides search filters to narrow down the results. You can filter by price, insurance provider, and more.

Before you figure out which plan is the best fit, it’s crucial to determine your budget. As a caregiver, keeping track of your income can be challenging. Catch has resources for those who need help at this stage. You can work with an agent to identify how much you can afford to pay monthly for benefits.

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Know Your Worth

Kristen left viewers with an essential piece of advice: never forget your worth. No matter where you work and who your employer is, you deserve health insurance and other benefits. Nannying is a passion, but it is also your business. It’s essential to care for yourself.

On Instagram Live, Kristen also shared vital information to teach caregivers about their rights under the Affordable Care Act, how parents can help their nannies access insurance, and more. Watch the full conversation below and follow Sittercity on Instagram to catch future Live conversations.

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