Your Sittercity profile is like your resume. It’s the first step of the hiring process, and gives parents a quick overview of your skills, qualifications, and personality.

Once parents review your profile, they’ll decide if they want to reach out and learn more about you. So it’s important to make a good impression and represent yourself well.

Keep in mind that when parents search for nearby sitters on Sittercity, they only see the first 2-3 sentences of your bio. It’s important to make every word count!

At a loss for words? Read on for a few tips to help you craft an awesome profile.

Don’t skimp on details about your experience and qualifications

Above all, the most important aspect of your bio should be your child care experience. These questions can get you started:

How many years have you been a sitter or nanny?

Do you have a full-time job, are you a student, or is child care your career?

What made you want to become a sitter or nanny?

Do you have any children yourself? Do they come with you on child care jobs?

What age ranges have you sat for and which are you most comfortable with? (Were you the oldest of 5 kids? Have you sat for twin newborns? Be specific!)

Do include extra details about your personality and hobbies

Be sure to describe your personality, hobbies, and habits so families can get a sense of who you are and how you might interact with their kids.

Do you have any lifestyle rules -— such as dietary restrictions or religious followings — that would affect how you care for someone else’s children?

Do you have any specific sitting philosophy? (Absolutely no sweets? One hour of exercise?)

Do you have any favorite games or activities you like to do with kids?

Don’t forget to proofread!

A parent will likely pass on a bio littered with misspellings, grammatical errors, and typos. It shows that it was hurriedly written and perhaps not well thought out. Even if a typo is just an accident, it’s still a reflection on you.

Don’t give families a reason not to hire you. If you’re not the world’s greatest editor, ask a friend to look over your bio for you.

Do pick a photo that makes your profile pop 

Your profile photo is your first impression to parents on the site, which is why it’s considered a big part of the hiring process. Crop yourself out of group shots, avoid accessories like sunglasses and hats that hide your face, and be sure to smile!

Read more tips about choosing the right profile photo.

Do get a background check

It’s a fact that your profile will stand out with a background check badge. In fact, we know that parents are 5-10 times more likely to view profiles with background checks and 4-7 times more likely to contact sitters with background checks.

Read more about why getting a Basic Background Check, Enhanced Background Check, or Motor Vehicle Records Check can help increase your chances of landing a job.

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