With the evolution of what and how schools teach, parents of all ages can dread hearing the words, “I need help!” when kids are doing their homework. As a Homework Help Sitter, you can help bridge the gap between parent and child when it comes to school subjects and homework, while also providing excellent and nurturing child care. Here’s what caregivers should know if they’re considering becoming a Homework Help Sitter.

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What’s a Homework Help Sitter?

Homework Help Sitters provide professional child care to children in the child’s home and spend an agreed-upon amount of that care time supporting and guiding children in their school work. Ultimately, they offer a balanced blend of child care and tutoring to families with school-aged kids. This can take a huge load off of parents who are just getting home from work or who dread certain homework subjects.

What Homework Help Sitters Are Like:

  • Familiar with and adaptable to the latest teaching styles
  • Can help kids and parents alike understand schoolwork
  • Adept at balancing authority and fun
  • Able to multitask while providing supervision

The Homework Help Sitter can have varying days/hours and are often available outside of the typical 9-5, Monday-Friday scope that many full and part-time nannies work under. They know how to motivate kids to do their schoolwork and find fun ways to teach and guide kids. Helping kids understand is their specialty!

A Homework Help Sitter’s Responsibilities

Homework help sitters are part of a specialized niche within the child care field, so their responsibilities depend greatly upon their individual experiences and personal interests.

What Homework Help Sitters Can Do:

  • Help kids with their homework after school
  • Help kids with school subjects that they may be having difficulty in
  • Find fun ways to keep kids learning during summer break
  • Give hands-on guidance and explanations of schoolwork
  • School pickups and preparing snacks can also be arranged
  • Oversee independent reading time or required worksheet practice

If there are multiple children in the house, the Homework Help Sitter is able to balance children of different ages, providing care for each of them along with schoolwork help for the ones who need it. They may even give “homework” to a toddler in the form of a coloring page, so they can be like their older siblings.

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Tips To Market Yourself As A Homework Help Sitter

This is a specialized role, so parents are usually searching for a provider who is strong in an area in which the child (and sometimes the parent) aren’t as strong. This is the perfect opportunity for you to play up your strengths and personal interests in both your profile and in applications.

  1. Highlight Your Experience & Training
    In addition to any courses you’ve taken, make sure that parents know how many years you’ve taught and tutored kids and the variety of subjects and styles you’ve covered.
  2. Share Your Educational Interests
    If you have specific subjects that you’re passionate about, be sure to include those so that parents can learn more about you. If you’re interested in a lot of subjects, showcase your love of learning.
  3. Showcase Your Passion For Kids
    Ultimately, this is a child care position. Even if your teaching experience is minimal, your passion for helping kids thrive should shine through.
  4. Have A Communication Plan
    Discuss with the parents a few ways that you enjoy motivating kids. Share how you’ll keep the parents in the loop—let them know what methods you use to check in with them and give progress reports.

Even activities outside of school-related subjects can play a part in connecting with children and forming a bond with them that makes them more receptive to your teachings later. A mutual love of gardening can blossom into a beautiful connection with a child and make parents feel even more secure in having you support their family. Show them who you are!

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This is a great job opportunity for those who enjoy caring for children and are looking for opportunities to teach. Watching a child finally get their “Aha!” moment and knowing that you made a forever impact on their desire to learn as well as their self-esteem can be so rewarding. Search and apply to jobs to find your next role as a Homework Help Sitter.

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