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Are you seeking the savviest sitters and most knowledgeable nannies in your neighborhood? With Sittercity, it’s easy to find the experienced care you need with features like detailed profiles, background checks, references and reviews.

Parents: Post Your Job

Tell the Sittercity community of caregivers what you need and let the right sitter find you.

Caregivers: Apply to Jobs

Look through the jobs in your area and apply to those that fit your experience and availability.

Find the Right Match

Protect your family’s safety and security by following our steps to selecting the right caregiver.

Steps To Selecting the Right Caregiver

Follow these steps to gather information, evaluate your options, and ultimately determine which caregiver is the best fit for your family. Visit our Trust & Safety Center for more information.


  • Review Caregiver Profiles Find caregivers who meet your requirements by reviewing the information in their comprehensive profiles.
  • Read Parent Reviews Get a feel for how caregivers perform on-the-job by reading reviews left by Sittercity parents.
  • Run a Background Check We recommend running a basic criminal records check on the caregivers you intend to interview.


  • Conduct a Phone Interview Start with a brief phone interview with each caregiver to determine who you’d like to meet face-to-face.
  • Meet for an In-Person Interview For your first in-person interview, you may want to meet at a public place to evaluate each caregiver before inviting them into your home.
  • Arrange an In-home Interview If you’re feeling good about a caregiver, invite her over to see how she interacts with your family, and vice versa.


  • Check References Reach out to the references listed on the caregiver’s profile to gain additional insight about the caregiver.
  • Search Caregivers Name Online Search the caregiver’s name online and check out her social media activity to spot any red flags.
  • Run In-Depth Background Checks Lastly, we recommend running a Motor Vehicle Records Check and Enhanced Background Check to better access your caregiver.
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