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babysitter helping kid with hybrid learning at home

Looking for some hybrid school support in Wellington, FL?

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Hybrid school babysitter help near Wellington

Elecia H.

  • 4 years paid experience
  • 9 miles
Elecia H., Babysitter in 33414 with 4 years of paid experience
Hello, my name is Elecia I’m interested in being a babysitter on weekends and weekdays, I’ve worked at a daycare fo...

Alisa B.

  • 35 years paid experience
  • 6 miles
Alisa B., Babysitter in 33414 with 35 years of paid experience
Hello, my name is Alisa and I have been caring for children for most of my life. It is my passion to work with chil...

Camryn W.

  • 8 years paid experience
  • < 1 mile
Camryn W., Babysitter in 33414 with 8 years of paid experience
Hi! I am Camryn Williams and I am 20. I have been in the child care field for the past 7 years. During my time in h...

Amber D.

  • 10 years paid experience
  • 6 miles
Amber D., Babysitter in 33414 with 10 years of paid experience
My name is Amber, 24 years old born and raised in Florida. I have been babysitting for 10 years now. Kids always lo...

Nini S.

  • 5 years paid experience
  • 10 miles
Nini S., Babysitter in 33414 with 5 years of paid experience
I am a loving and patient woman. I love children and I always understand parents because I have 2 beautiful daught...

Danielle J.

  • 14 years paid experience
  • 9 miles
Danielle J., Babysitter in 33414 with 14 years of paid experience
Hello, I’m Dee Dee and I’ve been working in childcare for over 15 years. Both childcare centers and nannying/babysi...

Phylesa K.

  • 6 years paid experience
  • 8 miles
Phylesa K., Babysitter in 33414 with 6 years of paid experience
Hey Parents ! We am so excited to finally announce Genesis Exploration Montessori! I am a Montessori Teacher an...

Megan B.

  • 10 years paid experience
  • 13 miles
Megan B., Babysitter in 33414 with 10 years of paid experience
Disabled veteran looking to provide assistance to families. I grew up with 6 brothers and sisters in a southern bap...

Olga S.

  • 15 years paid experience
  • 15 miles
Olga S., Babysitter in 33414 with 15 years of paid experience
Hello. I am an experienced, trustworthy, reliable and honest babysitter. I have over 10 years of previous exper...

Jennifer C.

  • 25 years paid experience
  • 14 miles
Jennifer C., Babysitter in 33414 with 25 years of paid experience
Hello families! I am from Michigan, but working a temp position in palm beach. I am looking for a position eithe...

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