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Hybrid school babysitter help near Hinsdale

Allyson Z.

  • 5 years paid experience
  • 15 miles
Allyson Z., Babysitter in 60521 with 5 years of paid experience
Hi, My name is Allyson, I attended Robert Morris University where I got my degree in Business Administration in 201...

Ciara D.

  • 4 years paid experience
  • 10 miles
Ciara D., Babysitter in 60521 with 4 years of paid experience
Hello! My name is Ciara! I am currently an assistant toddler/preschool teacher at a daycare. Prior to that I was wo...

Theresa S.

  • 20 years paid experience
  • 15 miles
Theresa S., Babysitter in 60521 with 20 years of paid experience
My name is Theresa Segreti and I have a passion for working with children. I have over 20 years of experience. I cu...

Jill C.

  • 20 years paid experience
  • 13 miles
Jill C., Babysitter in 60521 with 20 years of paid experience
I babysat for a family for my entire H.S. years and for 6 years after that.  I also babysat my neighbor's children...

Sanja M.

  • 8 years paid experience
  • 4 miles
Sanja M., Babysitter in 60521 with 8 years of paid experience
My name is Sanja, also known as Sam. I babysit occasionally, weekends, date nights, last minute and overnight. I ...

Takiyah O.

  • 10 years paid experience
  • 11 miles
Takiyah O., Babysitter in 60521 with 10 years of paid experience
I love working with children. I believe that children thrive when they have a loving caregiver who provides structu...


  • 8 years paid experience
  • 13 miles
TERRI K., Babysitter in 60521 with 8 years of paid experience
I am a 26 year old recent college graduate who grew up caring for children both younger and older than myself (most...

Christina A.

  • 2 years paid experience
  • 6 miles
Christina A., Babysitter in 60521 with 2 years of paid experience
I’m currently a college student and work at a preschool whenever I’m not in class! I have lots of experience and tr...

Doreen W.

  • 6 years paid experience
  • 9 miles
Doreen W., Babysitter in 60521 with 6 years of paid experience
I have been babysitting since I was about 13 years old. I babysat throughout high school and college. Got married...

williemae H.

  • 25 years paid experience
  • 13 miles
williemae H., Babysitter in 60521 with 25 years of paid experience
Hello potential families ,I am currently looking for evenings and weekend work, I have extensive experience with ...

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