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Hybrid school nanny help near Vidor

Coriona J.

  • 3 years paid experience
  • 10 miles
Coriona J., Nanny in 77662 with 3 years of paid experience
Hello My Name Is Coriona Johnson I Am 21 Years Old With Two Beautiful Children. I Live In Beaumont Texas . I Watch ...

Shayla S.

  • 10 years paid experience
  • 11 miles
Shayla S., Nanny in 77662 with 10 years of paid experience
I currently am pregnant with my first. And have experience babysitting children as young as birth to teenage years....

Christina C.

  • 15 years paid experience
  • 14 miles
Hi, I have been working with children as a nanny, in schools, and with foster care for over 15 years now. I have e...

Macie F.

  • 3 years paid experience
  • 11 miles
Macie F., Nanny in 77662 with 3 years of paid experience
Hi ! I currently work at a daycare & LOVE working with kids . I am willing to work all day , everyday , anyday , an...

Taylor H.

  • 11 years paid experience
  • 13 miles
Taylor H., Nanny in 77662 with 11 years of paid experience
Hi families! 👋🏼 I’m Taylor and I’m a 26 year old first aid & CPR certified professional babysitter & nanny. I’m...

Morgan W.

  • 3 years paid experience
  • 13 miles
Morgan W., Nanny in 77662 with 3 years of paid experience
I have had experience working with youth for a little over four years. I have had tons of practice with my nephews ...

Kasey L.

  • 6 years paid experience
  • < 1 mile
Kasey L., Nanny in 77662 with 6 years of paid experience
Hey I'm Kasey L. When I was about 15 I was a nanny for a family with 8 kids, ages range from 10 weeks (after she ca...

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