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Preschool nannies near Barnstable

Cadynce M.

  • 3 years paid experience
  • 12 miles
Cadynce M., Nanny in 02630 with 3 years of paid experience
Hi! my name is Cadynce im 18 years old! I have 3 years of experience & im CPR certified with all covid vaccines. I ...

Kate M.

  • 11 years paid experience
  • 9 miles
Kate M., Nanny in 02630 with 11 years of paid experience name is Kate Murphy and I previously lived in Mansfield for 30 years and recently moved to Cotuit. I am t...

Lindsey C.

  • 20 years paid experience
  • 3 miles
Lindsey C., Nanny in 02630 with 20 years of paid experience
Hello. My name is Lindsey. I am 42 and a native Cape Codder. I’ve done lots of traveling around the country, but I ...

Kara B.

  • 7 years paid experience
  • 9 miles
Kara B., Nanny in 02630 with 7 years of paid experience
Hi! I’m a professional childcare provider who loves being with children. I’ve raised 4 children and have cared for ...

Kathy D.

  • 25 years paid experience
  • 11 miles
Kathy  D., Nanny in 02630 with 25 years of paid experience
Hi I am a mom to 2 grown daughters. Babysitting for over 25+ years. I can also helpwith chores, laundry, food sh...

Terese F.

  • 2 years paid experience
  • 11 miles
I am a mother of a 23 year old and have worked as a registered nurse for 28 years. An injury made me leave the Nur...

Abegail D.

  • 1 year paid experience
  • 11 miles
Abegail D., Nanny in 02630 with 1 year of paid experience
Hello! My name is Abbie and I'm a recent graduate from Bridgewater State University. I’m a preschool dance teacher ...

Judy P.

  • 10 years paid experience
  • 5 miles
Judy P., Nanny in 02630 with 10 years of paid experience
I am a Mom that has homeschooled my child who is now old enough to be self sufficient. I also do pet care on a par...

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