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Preschool nannies near Norfolk

Amy W.

  • 17 years paid experience
  • 10 miles
Amy W., Nanny in 02056 with 17 years of paid experience
Hi,      My name is Amy.  I have been a nanny for over 18, and worked in a daycare prior to that.  I also have ...

Emily C.

  • 6 years paid experience
  • 12 miles
Emily C., Nanny in 02056 with 6 years of paid experience
Personally, I am pursuing the path to becoming a physician and wish to work with children as a nanny at this time s...

Jeanne I.

  • 16 years paid experience
  • 4 miles
Jeanne I., Nanny in 02056 with 16 years of paid experience
Dear Parents, Thank you very much for your interest.  I have been in the nanny field for 18 years. I have love...

Aileen R.

  • 6 years paid experience
  • 14 miles
Aileen R., Nanny in 02056 with 6 years of paid experience
I'm a great nanny/cooker/house manager, very detail oriented, always willing to go above and beyond! I love the fee...

Meagan M.

  • 15 years paid experience
  • 8 miles
Meagan M., Nanny in 02056 with 15 years of paid experience
My name is Meagan. I am 31 years old old. I grew up in Franklin but currently live in West Roxbury with my husband....

Katie A.

  • 3 years paid experience
  • 13 miles
Katie A., Nanny in 02056 with 3 years of paid experience
Hi! My name is Katie Abreu and I am available Monday-Thursday anytime after 9:15AM. (I have online classes until 8:...

Rochelle R.

  • 4 years paid experience
  • 14 miles
Hello , My name is Rochelle. I have been working with children ages 5-13 as a Group Educator at the Thomas M Menino...

Flannery O.

  • 7 years paid experience
  • 15 miles
Flannery O., Nanny in 02056 with 7 years of paid experience
I am a Health and Wellness college sophomore, with seven years babysitting experience, ranging from infant through ...

Nadjae E.

  • 5 years paid experience
  • 14 miles
Nadjae E., Nanny in 02056 with 5 years of paid experience
Hello everyone , my name is Nadjae . I grew up in Jamaica and migrated to Massachusetts in 2012 to further my educa...

Deborah H.

  • 30 years paid experience
  • 9 miles
Deborah H., Nanny in 02056 with 30 years of paid experience
Hi my name is Debbie and I live in Foxboro. I have experience as a nanny, preschool teacher and as a mother to ...

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