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Alyssa B.

  • 1 year paid experience
  • 7 miles
Alyssa B., Nanny in 08724 with 1 year of paid experience
Hello! My name is Alyssa and I am currently a full-time grad student. I was a preschool teacher for 3/4 year olds a...

Annie F.

  • 0 years paid experience
  • 3 miles
Annie F., Nanny in 08724 with 0 years of paid experience
Hi, my name is Annie, and I'm from the Jersey Shore. I've just started babysitting and I've been around kids my who...

Susan B.

  • 10 years paid experience
  • 8 miles
Susan B., Nanny in 08724 with 10 years of paid experience

Brittany C.

  • 1 year paid experience
  • 14 miles
Brittany  C., Nanny in 08724 with 1 year of paid experience
Hi ! I’m Brittany . 34 years old . Mother to a 17 year old girl and dog mom to my cute Jack Russell Terrier . I’v...

Laura R.

  • 7 years paid experience
  • 6 miles
Laura R., Nanny in 08724 with 7 years of paid experience
I started to babysit when I was 11 years old and through the years continued to follow through with my passion for ...

Sheila B.

  • 15 years paid experience
  • < 1 mile
Sheila B., Nanny in 08724 with 15 years of paid experience
Hello I am a nanny slash babysitter going on 15 years. I have worked with families from newborns to school aged c...

Arkell G.

  • 5 years paid experience
  • < 1 mile
Arkell G., Nanny in 08724 with 5 years of paid experience
WELCOME ! I promise you won’t be disappointed ! I am a loving very experienced, care giver . I work with all ages ,...

Darlene T.

  • 23 years paid experience
  • 3 miles
Darlene  T., Nanny in 08724 with 23 years of paid experience
Hello, my name is Darlene I live in point Pleasant. I am interested in talking to you more about this position. I h...

Caroline M.

  • 12 years paid experience
  • < 1 mile
Caroline M., Nanny in 08724 with 12 years of paid experience
I am an experienced Pediatric acute care and ICU nurse with 10+ years of babysitting children of all ages. I am ver...

Peary J.

  • 4 years paid experience
  • 12 miles
Peary  J., Nanny in 08724 with 4 years of paid experience
I am an optimistic person and always stay positive. I like to learn independently and try new things. I love to wor...

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