What is National Nanny Recognition Week?

Nanny Week is a grassroots movement beginning in 1998 that encourages families, businesses, and the media to focus on the positive aspects of the nanny profession, the important role nannies play in the lives of the families, and the amazing impact they have on the lives of the children they care for.

When is National Nanny Recognition Week?

This year, National Nanny Recognition Week is September 18-24, 2022.

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Why Should I Celebrate National Nanny Recognition Week?

Nannies all over the world value the positive amplification of their chosen profession that the week brings. National Nanny Recognition Week was created to draw attention to the positive aspects of nannies instead of the negative issues our cultures seem to thrive on. It’s an intentional way to uplift the people who are passionate about caring for the next generation.

How Do I Participate in Nanny Week?

Take Time to Reflect

National Nanny Recognition Week encourages you to take the time to think back on the work your nanny has done for your family. Think about how things were before your nanny and how things have changed. How were you feeling then vs now? How have your kids grown from your nanny’s influence? What significant life stages has your nanny supported you through?

Show Your Appreciation

This most likely isn’t the first time you’ve expressed your gratitude for your nanny and their dedication to your family. However, this is the time to be more intentional about how you’re showing your appreciation. Here are some ideas of how you can recognize your nanny:

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Give A Thoughtful Gift

From A Nanny-Owned Business
This is a great two-for-one: you can support another nanny while also getting something that has special meaning to your nanny. Here are a few:

Gift Cards For Somewhere They Love
Sometimes the best gift involves the thought of where it comes from, but gives the recipient the autonomy of selecting the exact thing they want.

  • Local Coffee Shop
  • Clothing/Accessories Shop
  • Book/Gift Shop

Assess Your Employment Relationship
There are many ways that you can show your respect and appreciation for your nanny through the employment relationship you have with them. From contracts to performance reviews, time management to compensation—here’s a full list of ways to respect the nanny profession as their boss.

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At the end of the day, National Nanny Recognition Week is about taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate the dedication and care that nannies put into the work they do. Their impact is vast and deep and our society wouldn’t be what it is today without their efforts.

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