Every parent, at some point, has been tasked with finding child care for their children. It’s almost a rite of passage in parenting. That said, not all child care searches are created equal, and one thing parents can do to assure they find care that works for them is to cast a wide net.

Below are reasons why casting a wide net is essential to a successful sitter/nanny search:

Compatibility Isn’t First-Come-First-Served

Hiring the first person that applies to the job might sound great, but it limits your ability to understand what else is out there. When quality child care matters, taking the time to understand the full landscape – the realities, the different options, the compromise – will ensure you find someone that best fits your needs.

When looking for child care, it’s important to give yourself the time to conduct the proper search. One that allows for time to clearly define what you’re looking for based on what’s realistically available versus a non-concrete idea.

Word-of-Mouth Competition

For many years, parents have relied on word-of-mouth for child care referrals. The obvious problem with that is the inherent competition. Once a family finds a sitter that works for them, it’s less likely that that sitter will be regularly available to help others. (A nanny share is a completely different conversation.)

Additionally, what makes a great sitter for one family may not hold true for another. Conducting a thorough search is the only way to clearly define and understand your personal priorities for your child care search.

A Healthy Network

“The sitter called in sick.” Now what? By casting a wide net in your original child care search, you’re also naturally building a healthy network of caregivers that you can call on if your first choice falls through. Things always come up. Most families like to have 2-3 folks on call for child care needs. Start your search with the idea to find more than one person to call in.

The search for child care is no small feat, but modern technology has taken some of the hassles out of it. The first step takes only a few minutes. Post a job to a localized community of sitters and have potential help come directly to you.

Happy searching!

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