Resolutions are here.
There are the go-tos: eat healthier, work out regularly, read more.
The highly aspirational: travel to every continent, learn a new language, go skydiving.
And everything in between.

So what new year’s resolutions should parents make?

Why Do People Make New Years Resolutions?

When we make resolutions we’re attempting to add structure and order to our lives. The modern world moves at such a fast pace that by the end of a calendar year we often find ourselves needing to re-prioritize and re-commit to what makes us the happiest. That’s why we see the most common resolutions, year after year, focus on mental and physical health.

What Achievable New Year’s Resolution Should I Make?

For many parents, their mental and physical health often revolves around their children. Parents pour themselves into the well being of their kids—which can mean their own takes a back seat. So this new year, may we suggest making your resolution to prioritize figuring out child care?

Centering your resolutions around child care will have an impact on almost all the traditional resolutions people tend to make. Making time to get to the gym more, going after the big promotion, or rekindling a romance becomes a lot harder when kids are consistently in the mix. Setting time aside to map out your child care needs and priorities at the beginning of the year will pay off in the long run. It’s a realistic resolution that you can actually keep.

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It may not feel like it at first, but there are thousands of sitters available on any given day. Help is not scarce. Finding the right team for your family just takes a little bit of prioritizing and planning ahead. And what better time to start doing that than with the fresh start of a new year? Doing so means that you’ll never be sitting at home wishing you had someone to watch the kids but didn’t. You won’t have to say no to the big event because the one sitter you know isn’t available.

For parents, child care is crucial to a happy and healthy new year.

So this year…

1. Give yourself permission to let go of any parent guilt about taking time away from your kids.

Gif of Elsa from Frozen singing, "Let it go!"

2. Set time aside to network and build a bench of sitters you trust so you’re not left scrambling.

Gif of the cast of Saved By The Bell high fiving each other at Bayside.

3. Map out your big moments ahead of time that you know you’ll want coverage for at the beginning of the year. (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays)

Rosemary Woodhouse in Rosemary's Baby looks at a calendar

4. Commit to the small moments too. Mark the calendar for a random day or two that gives you the space to do things just for you.

Donna saying, "Treat yo self" to Tom Haverford from the show Parks and Recreation


How Do I Commit to Prioritizing Child Care in the New Year?

Make at least one of your parenting new year’s resolutions be committing to prioritizing child care in 2020. The resolution itself can take shape in different ways

  • Commit to 1 date night a month
  • Commit to interviewing 3 new potential go-to sitters
  • Commit to planning time for yourself
  • Commit to quality not quantity time with the kiddos

Whatever it is that speaks to you, write it down. Put it on the mirror. Make a pledge to prioritize yourself this 2020.

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