Babysitting Gone Virtual

Virtual babysitting is something I never expected to see, but here we are. There’s a site called where you can have a trained, vetted sitter engage with your kids, but note: The key word here is “engage.” A virtual sitter is not the same thing as in-person babysitting. They can engage children digitally for a short period of time, but they’re not a substitute for a parent. They can help kids with schoolwork or play an interactive game, like charades, and guide them through other activities, but it’s not a replacement for physical care.

Virtual babysitters can’t change a baby’s diapers, tuck a preschooler into bed or chase an unruly toddler around the house. But screen-based caregivers can entertain kids and give parents short breaks. SitterCity says they’ve had an influx of parents asking for help because both mom and dad are trying to get work done from home or to play games or read stories to kids in the evenings while parents eat dinner together or have a drink in the backyard.

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