Neighborhood families can come together and organize their own mini summer camps and activities. That’s the thought behind Sittercity’s DIY summer camp. The online source for in-home care also offers virtual sitting, a tool that allows parents to hire a professional to engage and play with children virtually for short periods of time throughout the day.

“As a company filled with moms and dads, we understand how hard it is for parents trying to do everything at home right now,” says Elizabeth Harz, CEO of Sittercity, America’s first online source for in-home care. “Child care professionals are still in need of work and their support is available. Many daycares, schools and camps have been sidelined, but our platform continues to connect families with child care providers. A DIY summer camp is just one way to adapt to the current situation of needing care and wanting to provide some fun and normalcy for your family, but also wanting to keep your bubble as small as possible.” The experience can range from outdoor activities like scavenger hunts and tie-dying to a coach leading small groups of community kids in parent organized soccer camps.

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