The basic concept of investing is simple: sacrifice a little something now for the possibility of a larger payout in the long run. The same is true for your child care career. If you invest some time and money now into education, you’ll most likely see a return on your investment in multiple ways.

Feel More Prepared For Any Job

The most immediate payoff you can experience from taking a child care course is how you feel going into a job. There are many things you probably already do to help yourself feel prepared for working with a particular family: Wearing clothes you’re comfortable in to play with and help kids. Checking the weather so that you know if you can play outside. Knowing the kids’ ages and general interests to help determine what you do together.

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When you take a course about child development for a certain age, or conflict resolution among kids, you’re probably going to feel more confident and prepared to address those needs with the kids you work with.

Stand Out For More Jobs

There are a lot of things that parents are looking for on your Sittercity profile. But how else can you stand out from others applying for the same job? Education.

When you take courses to better educate yourself about your job, that is a major signal to families that you aren’t doing this just to make some quick cash. You’re a caregiver because it’s your chosen career. You’re a professional. Listing the child care courses you’ve taken on your profile shows your commitment and dedication to what you do. That will likely move you straight to the top of their lists.

Raise Your Rate

There are many factors that go into determining the hourly rate for caregivers. Taking courses related to the job are definitely one of them. When you bring more knowledge to the table, your time is more valuable. When those courses add up to a specific certificate or certification, that’s even more valuable.

Become A Specialist

There are a few different types of specialists in the child care industry. There are newborn/infant specialists. Tutoring specialists. Caregivers who specialize in helping kids with disabilities. Think about what type of child care you’re passionate about the most. Then explore your options to get more education for that. It will help you more clearly market yourself to families and help ensure you’re landing the types of jobs you want.

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So Where Should You Start?

ChildCare Education Institute is the leader in online professional development. They have over 150 online child care training courses in English and Spanish that meet licensing, recognition program, and Head Start requirements. Sittercity sitters get a special 20% discount off a year of courses—check it out!

You could even take a self-paced Child Development Associate (CDA) Certification course. The training meets The Council for Professional Recognition’s content area requirements and prepares students for The Council’s credentialing assessment process. With Sittercity, you get free registration and 18% off!

Building a career takes many steps—setting up your Sittercity profile and applying for jobs are major foundational ones. Every step after that continues to propel you to getting the exact type of work you want with families you love: interview practice, positive reviews and professional references from parents, years experience, etc. Continuing education can have a significant impact on all of those things. Start thinking about where you want your career to go and make it happen.


The health and safety of families and care providers are important to us. ChildCare Education Institute is a third-party provider and not directly affiliated with Sittercity. Information is constantly evolving, so Sittercity can’t guarantee the accuracy of their courses or if they are up-to-date.

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