As a child care provider, you deserve options on how to build your career and make money doing what you love. Sittercity Adventures is a new way to think about how you can work in child care. Here’s how it works.

What Are Adventures?

Adventures flip the script on how caregivers can connect with parents to provide care for their kids. Until now, it typically happens when the parent posts a job listing exactly what they need and caregivers apply. That path to connection is still available and active—a great way to find a regular full or part-time job.

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With Adventures, caregivers are in the driver’s seat. They craft an interesting and engaging activity that they’re excited to do with any child. They post that unique experience as an Adventure on Sittercity that parents can browse. Taking place at the family’s home, the “adventure” is the fun and engaging activities the caregiver has planned—inspired by their own passions and interests.

What Happens During An Adventure?

Simply put: anything you want! Adventures is all about taking the things you’re interested in and sharing them with kids. They may include activities you’ve done with kids in the past—the difference is that now those great ideas are how families can find and connect with you. Lean into your creative expertise to give kids a memorable experience and help parents feel good about how their child is spending their time.

While each Adventure is as unique as the sitter creating it, there are different categories to select when posting. This can help you get ideas on what to do and helps parents to search for the experience their child wants. Here are the categories with some example ideas for each:

Arts & Crafts

  • Design citrus-stamped tea towels
  • Sculpt colorful salt dough magnets
  • Create dyed pasta mandalas


  • Bake monogrammed soft pretzels
  • Make ice cream in a bag
  • Learn how to make homemade pasta

Sports & Exercise

  • Compete in a balloon olympics
  • Create and run a backyard obstacle course
  • Learning the FUN-damentals of soccer

Performing Arts

  • Produce a puppet show
  • Write a story by using charades
  • Choreograph a music video


  • Make your own bouncy balls
  • Engineer a penny zipline
  • Conduct an egg drop experiment


  • Write your own comic book
  • Compete in a geography competition
  • Learn and play with board games


  • Create a mini greenhouse garden
  • Make a milk carton birdhouse
  • Start a nature collection journal
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Why Lead Adventures?

Meet More Families and Make More Money

Being in contact with multiple families is never a bad thing. The needs families have can change so quickly, so building a robust network of parents who love and want to work with you is essential to any full or part-time caregiver. By being booked for Adventures, you get to know more families and they get to know you—making it easier for them to think of you and book you for future needs. Adventures is also a great way to make extra cash with ad-hoc child care opportunities.

Create A Job Description You’ll Love

Instead of searching and applying to jobs defined by the parents posting them, you’re outlining the description yourself. You get to think about the activities you’re interested in and craft kid-centered experiences around them. You get to be in control of deciding how you spend time with the age range of kids you want to care for.

Showcase Your Specific Skills and Experience

There are many amazing things that you have to share with the kids in your care. Sometimes jobs don’t always set you up to be able to utilize those skills. Additionally, it can be difficult to illustrate all that you have to offer in a traditional interview. Adventures allow you to show off your creativity and unique abilities to parents who want to make the most of the child care they hire.

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How To Post Adventures

Coming up with a good Adventure takes a little bit of thought, but once you get started on Sittercity we’ll guide you through each step of posting it for parents to see. Some key elements will be:

The best way to understand Adventures is to dive in and try it. You can always reach out to the Sittercity team if you have questions that come up along the way. Get your creative juices flowing and bring some magic into a child’s day!

Share your interests and inspire others!

Post An Adventure
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