Reference checks are an important element in landing a child care job. Parents say references are the #1 factor in hiring a sitter. Reference checks offer a window into how you are as a worker to potential families who are looking to work with you.

However, conducting reference checks can be a time-consuming process as a parent—having to manage the back & forth of scheduling and to actually conduct the check itself. This is why Sittercity has partnered with Crosschq, the number one reference checking software, to give both you and families a way to seamlessly source feedback from multiple references, without having to schedule a single phone call.

The only babysitter app you'll need. Check it out. Babysitter CTA for Sittercity apps.The only babysitter app you'll need. Check it out. Babysitter CTA for Sittercity apps.

Why Reference Checks Are Important

Working as a sitter is unlike any other job. You’re going into someone else’s home and becoming a part of their family. This makes the steps to hiring a sitter extremely important to families who will be entrusting their children and home into the hands of someone new.

Similar to the importance of ratings and reviews, reference checks can often amplify the experience and qualifications you have on your resume. Parents regard reference checks as an insight into how you work with families and can help them to visualize you as the care provider of their children.

As we all know, having a great resume and stand-out applications can certainly be a make or break landing a job. But before you land that job, parents often want to hear from some of your past employers to really get a sense of who you are.

How Do References Work?

If you’ve had positive experiences with families or from working in a child care setting in the past, these are contacts that you can regularly keep in touch with and call upon when looking for a new job.

Initially ask their permission to use them as a reference. It’s then courteous to give that reference a head’s up each time someone may be contacting them. Depending on how many jobs you interview for, your references could end up having multiple conversations about your work experience with them. This can be a time-consuming process for both parents.

Simplify The Process

We’ve partnered with Crosschq to make it easier than ever (for everyone involved) to provide references to prospective employers. Instead of repeated interviews between the parents, the digital reference check only requires the work to be done once. Here’s how:

  1. You (the sitter) completes a self-assessment that covers your skills, ages of children you’ve cared for, areas you’ve mastered, and areas in which you think you need improvement.
  2. Invite your professional references to fill out an assessment about you on Crosschq.
  3. Once your references have responded, any requesting parent will receive your self-assessment results, along with the responses from your references.
The only babysitter app you'll need. Check it out. Babysitter CTA for Sittercity apps.The only babysitter app you'll need. Check it out. Babysitter CTA for Sittercity apps.

Ultimately, this saves your references time by only having to answer questions about you once, and it saves time for any family looking to hire you by avoiding scheduling and conducting multiple phone calls with your references. You can get started here.

Standing Out To Land A Job

Like background checks and reviews, having a digital reference check on your Sittercity profile can be a great way for you to stand out from other care providers. Once you complete the Crosschq process, be sure to include it in your bio and applications so that you can effectively market this feature to prospective hiring parents.

The only babysitting app you'll need

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