Whether you just joined Sittercity or have been on the hunt for the perfect job for a while, you may wonder if it’s worth it to run a background check on yourself.

If you’re serious about finding a great job as a babysitter or nanny, the answer is a loud, resounding “yes!”

Since sitters and nannies come into people’s homes and care for their children, parents put a lot of emphasis on background checks. By verifying that you have a clean criminal record, you increase your chances of landing a job.

Plus, we know that sitters who already have background checks are more likely to get jobs than those who don’t. So in addition to polishing up your profile and writing a winning job application, getting a background check is one of our top recommendations for all sitters.

Here are a few more reasons why you might want to consider running a background check:

1. Get 5-10x More Profile Views

Parents are more likely to review your profile if you have a background check.

In fact, when you pass a Basic Background Check, your profile will get 5x more views. If you pass an Enhanced Background Check, that number jumps up to 10x more views. And parents are also more likely to save sitters to their favorites list if they have background checks.

2. Higher Response Rate To Your Applications

Have you applied to job after job, only to get no response? Not having a background check could be standing in your way. Sitters with background checks receive more responses to their applications.

Think about it from a parents’ perspective: if they receive two applications from two highly qualified candidates who seem like they both could be a good fit for their family — but one has a background check, and one doesn’t — who do you think they’ll pick?

3. More Likely To Be Contacted By Parents

Applying to jobs is one way to find work through Sittercity, but parents also search nearby sitters and nannies and contact those who seem like they might be a good fit for their family. Parents are more likely to notice and contact sitters in search who have passed background checks.

4. Dispute Any Inconsistencies On Your Record In Advance

Put yourself in this scenario: you respond to a job through Sittercity and get an interview. Things are going well, you really like the family, and you even meet the kids and have a great time hanging out with them. The parents say they want to offer you the job, but they’d like to run a background check first. It seems like a small formality, so you agree.

Then your report comes back with a crime you never committed! Though the chance is small, this is a possibility with identity theft on the rise. This mistake in your information could get in the way of you getting that job.

If you run the background check before you apply to jobs, you can make sure your record is clean and dispute any inconsistencies that might affect your chances of landing a job.

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