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lily P.

  • 1 year paid experience
  • 11 miles
lily P., Babysitter in 97140 with 1 year of paid experience
I love kids!! I have a lot of experience with kids all ages because I’m one of the oldest in my family from 10 and ...

Emmalee S.

  • 8 years paid experience
  • 14 miles
Emmalee S., Babysitter in 97140 with 8 years of paid experience
Hello! I am just out of college and have had 8 years of experience with children of all ages. I have worked in a ch...

Amber B.

  • 7 years paid experience
  • 7 miles
Amber B., Babysitter in 97140 with 7 years of paid experience
Hi, my name is Amber. I have an Associate's in Early Childhood Education and love working with children. I have ext...

Shawna Z.

  • 5 years paid experience
  • 15 miles
Shawna Z., Babysitter in 97140 with 5 years of paid experience
I am a nurturer at heart and adore children. I have been working with children for the last 5 years. I have a BA de...

Kori C.

  • 15 years paid experience
  • 14 miles
Kori C., Babysitter in 97140 with 15 years of paid experience
My name is Kori, I am 33 years old and very interested in your job posting. I have been a professional nanny in NJ ...


  • 12 years paid experience
  • 11 miles
MELISSA T., Babysitter in 97140 with 12 years of paid experience
My name is Melissa and I was born in Lima-PERU. I am 39 years old and mommy of a beautiful 8 year old son. I am b...

Laura C.

  • 10 years paid experience
  • < 1 mile
Laura C., Babysitter in 97140 with 10 years of paid experience
I have worked with children of a variety of ages in the Portland, Oregon Metro. area for many years.  At times I h...

Bree G.

  • 20 years paid experience
  • 11 miles
Bree G., Babysitter in 97140 with 20 years of paid experience
I've assisted as a Mother's Helper for over ten years, assisting families that are in need of a loving, reliable, h...

Darla D.

  • 4 years paid experience
  • 12 miles
Darla D., Babysitter in 97140 with 4 years of paid experience
Darla’s Bio I am originally from Laguna Beach, California! I have 3 brothers and have always been surrounded by ...

Bonnie L.

  • 10 years paid experience
  • 13 miles
Bonnie L., Babysitter in 97140 with 10 years of paid experience
Hello, my name is Bonnie. I am a responsible, caring and driven single mother to my 12 year old son. After living...

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