Background checks are a commonplace screening tool for online child care connections. But how exactly does the process work? Here’s an overview of how background checks work on Sittercity, and what child care providers need to know when using them.

1. You Or A Parent Can Purchase One

On Sittercity, either you can purchase a background check to run on yourself, or a parent can purchase and request to run one on you in the interest of hiring you.

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Child care providers can run background checks on themselves to add badges to their profile and improve their chances of getting hired by a family.


Parents will typically run a background check on a child care provider as an important step in screening before hiring. It can give them extra peace of mind about the individual they’re interested in.

Sittercity’s Background Checks

When running a background check on Sittercity, here are the options:

  • Basic Criminal
  • Enhanced Criminal
  • Motor Vehicle Records

You can see what each of those checks cover here.

Sittercity uses Checkr to process background checks. If you have specific questions about these checks, you can reach out to the Checkr team here.

2. Submit Your Info

When a parent or Sittercity Admin sends you a background check request, you’ll get an email and will be able to see it on your Dashboard. You can choose whether to accept or decline completing the background check request.

If you accept or if you purchased one yourself, your dashboard will have a link to the Checkr site where you can submit your information to be processed. Once you do, it generally takes around 3 days to process, but can sometimes take longer.

The simplest way to find child care jobs near you. Search jobs. CTAThe simplest way to find child care jobs near you. Search jobs. CTA

3. Results Returned

You’ll be notified via email when your results have been returned. You can also check on the status of your background check on your Checkr Dashboard. If you have any additional questions about your background check, reach out to the Checkr support team here.

Your Badges

After your results are returned, your Sittercity profile will be updated with a badge if you’re eligible. Once a badge is posted, it will remain active on your profile for 90 days. Here’s what each status means.

Who Can See Exact Results

Only you, the person the background check is run on, can see the report from a completed background check.

If a parent purchased the background check, the only thing they’ll be able to see is the updated badge on your Sittercity profile. That parent can ask you to see the full report, and you can choose whether or not to share that personal information.

Beware of Bad Actors

Background checks contain extremely sensitive information. If a Sittercity user you’ve never spoken with requests to see the results of your background check, don’t release it. If you’re never even communicated with this member, there’s no reason they need to see your background check.

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4. Other Ways Parents Screen Candidates

Background checks aren’t the only tool that parents use to screen their candidates. Keep these other tools in mind when applying for jobs:

  • Sittercity Profiles
    These are closely reviewed for experience, education, certifications, and the written bio.
  • Parent Reviews
    The insight into your performance and personality from these reviews can help them decide if you’re a good fit for their family.
  • Messaging
    Used to narrow down who they want to interview, parents will be making sure the practical information (schedule, rate, etc.) is in alignment.
  • Interviews
    There’s no substitute for the give-and-take of an interview. You both can ask in-depth questions and also get a feel for the family.
  • Reference Checks
    Parents will reach out to the references listed on your profile to gain additional insight and verify the information you’ve shared about yourself.
  • Trial Day
    This could either be a trip to the park with you and the entire family, or it could be an hour while they run errands. This will give the kids a chance to interact with you and give the parents feedback. Make sure you know your trial day personal policy.

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