Caregiving is such a unique profession. Taking care of others can take on many forms and require a myriad of specific skillsets. We have thousands of talented caregivers join Sittercity every day and we want to make sure that each of them is finding work they love and that fits with their career.

We’ve put together a master list of what we think sitters need to know and do in order to make the most of Sittercity. We would know—we built it! Whether you’re new to Sittercity or you’re a veteran, this list is important for everyone to review.

Create a Dynamic Profile

It can be tempting to just jump right in to searching for jobs, but having a robust profile connected to your applications can make them much more significant.

When families are searching, here’s what they see before clicking:

  • Sitters with a professional photo are 10x more likely to be viewed by families.
  • Make the first 2-3 sentences of your bio count—that’s what can be read in search.
  • Regularly update your years of paid experience. It’s a great thing to feature.
  • List a competitive, but fair hourly rate.
  • Get reviews from other families. Those stars will look great on you.
  • Earning your background check, CPR, or First Aid badges will put you over the top.

Parents like to search for sitters by availability. Keep your profile updated with accurate availability blocks so you always show up near the top!

*Pro Tip: We’ve found that there are varying understandings of the titles “nanny” and “babysitter.” Create both a babysitter and a nanny profile on Sittercity to maximize your opportunities to find the right job for you.

Clear Communication is Key

Write Applications Specific to the Job

While writing a different application for each job might seem like too much work, personalization can go a long way. Our suggestion for working smarter? Write the part of your application that will be the same for each job (your personality, years experience, and certifications/degrees you have). Then add unique details to that for each application.

Respond to All Messages Right Away

The task of finding a caregiver for your family can sometimes feel like a never-ending one. So anything that can make it feel quick is a breath of fresh air! Responding to parent messages right away every time sets a great impression for your availability and dependability. It’s a great way to show off how much their time and opportunity matters to you.

Interviews Are For You Too

Every family will certainly have their set of babysitter interview questions, but you should have your own too. In order for it to be an ideal match, the job and the family has to be a good fit for you too. Prepare your own questions for the interview to make sure that you leave feeling confident in moving forward, or not.

Be Mindful of Online Safety

Visit the Trust and Safety Center

We have an entire team dedicated to making Sittercity a place that both our sitters and families feel confident in making connections with each other. Sittercity’s Trust and Safety Center is a great resource for understanding how you can team up with us to build a strong community. This includes:

Know How to Spot Scammers

The strongest defense against scammers are members, like you, that know what to look for. Be on the lookout for internet scam red flags and please notify Sittercity Customer Success immediately. They’ll act swiftly to prevent other members from being scammed.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Help

Join the Sitter Facebook Group

Our Community page on Facebook is a space where nannies and sitters can connect with other care providers who use Sittercity. It’s a place where you can share stories, ask questions, and seek recommendations on all of those ‘HR’ related topics. Learning from the experience of others is the most effective way to build the professionalism of the industry.

Utilize the Help Center

Have a question about how Sittercity works? We have a Help Center for that. It covers topics ranging from getting started, to managing your account, to guidelines and expectations for the community. If you have a question, it’s most likely answered there!

Our Customer Success Team is Here for You

We have a team of real people (that’s right) who can help to make sure that you’re able to make the most of being on Sittercity. You can reach out to them here. They’re available from 8am-4pm CST, Monday through Friday and always aim to follow up with you within one business day. That way, you’re making the most of your time on Sittercity!

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