Welcome to the Sittercity Virtual Sitting Series Part 2! If you haven’t completed Part 1 yet, go here to get started in the right place.

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1. How Do You Prepare For A Virtual Sitting?

The consensus of most parents is that they’re tired, they’re out of ideas, and they’ve got too much on their plate. They’re looking to you to take charge of their kids—even if only for an hour. Your role as a professional is to take initiative with what you do with them.

Get Creative!

Challenge yourself to come up with unique ways to have fun and make the most of a video chat interaction. The more you invest in making your time with the kids something they enjoy, the more chances you’re likely to have additional work opportunities with the family. Whether that’s more virtual sittings or eventual in-home care as our public health improves.

Resources To Get You Started

We have a few resources of activity ideas to help get you started.
Activities To Do With Kids When Sitting Virtually
Free Online Kids Games for Virtual Sitting

2. Watch the Video

3. Complete the Worksheet

Put It Into Practice

The worksheet below will give you a practice scenario of a job. Fill out the sheet with your ideas of what to plan for the child. Feel free to use this practice sheet when planning your activities for real jobs in the future.

Download Your Practice Sheet Here

Next up, learn how to lead virtual sitting.

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